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Top 10 Spring Break Beauty Essentials

We all know that as March rolls into April, warmer weather, spring blooms, and most importantly, Spring break will be rolling around! Try as we might, we all know we're going to end up "glamorously" over-packing. Whether we're going to be laying out on warm sandy beaches (hello, ocean breeze and tan skin) or hiking up Mount Kilimanjaro, there are some beauty essentials that we simply can't go without. To save you some room in your suit case, we've put together a list of top ten Spring break beauty must-haves that all conveniently fit into a travel bag, and are easy to take with you for on the go beauty!


Whether you're road trippin' across states or flying out to somewhere exotic, this can of DryBar's dry shampoo will keep your strands smelling deliciously fresh while you travel to your destination! Not to mention you'll look like you just came from the salon and got a blow out a la Beyonce!


Want a long lasting pop of color? Snag one (or all) of Essie's newest Spring colors to bring in a subtle splash of color that just screams "Spring getaway".


Want to get a nice golden tan and reach "Mocha-Princess" status without the sun damage? #obviously Be sure that Clarin's self tanner makes it into your travel bag! This self tanning tint goes on subtly gold, when first applied, and gradually grows darker with time to give you that natural and safe cinnamon tan!


Prep your skin for your Clarin's sunless tan with your PMD device and one of our black discs! Going over your body with the black disc, our most coarse disc made especially for the body, will gently smooth over any bumps and prep your skin to get a nice even tan! Not to mention the fact that nothing screams "beach-babe" like radiantly bare skin! Tuck your PMD device, black discs for the body, and colored discs for the face, into your travel bag and have fresh, glowing, beach ready skin 24/7! As an added "Happy Spring break" bonus use code, SPRING20, to take 20% OFF our discs!


Spring getaways are all about playing up that natural beauty and looking good in a jiffy so you can spend as much time enjoying your destination spot rather than spending the usual 30 minutes in front of a mirror. This little eos chapstick not only gives your lips a natural shine for on the go beauty, but it's also packin broad spectrum SPF15 so it'll keep your lips protected from the rays of the sun and ready for a lemon drop flavored smooch on the beach!


Nothing is worse than "post-swim-in-the-ocean" tangles! This two pack of Wet Brushes, that were designed specifically for wet hair, will get those tangles out no problem!


Check out this cute little deo! Not only is this little guy conveniently small but it'll keep you smelling fresh sans chemicals for hours on end!


We've all had that moment when we hit the beach only to realize we forgot to shave! Tuck this can of yummy smelling goodness and a disposable razor into your travel bag and get a razor-burn free shave on the go!


Skip those cheap dry hotel face washes and pack your PMD regeneration system! It'll keep your skin cleansed, and moisturized.

10: Cute Carry-All

Last touch? A cute carry-all to tuck all your "Spring-break-beauty-must-haves" into, and don't forget to enjoy 20% OFF discs with code, SPRING20!

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