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4 New Years Resolutions You'll Actually Want to Stick To

We all know the new year means new resolutions, and that sometimes the new-found goals we create can be hard to stick to. This year, instead of creating goals that tell you what you need to stop doing, we are all in favor of focusing on what we should start doing - the biggest one being taking time for ourselves. In order to do this, we wanted to share our top 4 simple self care resolutions that you will actually want to stick to.

1. Set a Morning Routine One of the best things that you can do to start each day off on the right note is to establish a solid morning routine. The purpose of this isn't to add more tasks to your already full to-do list, but rather to take time for you to focus on the day ahead and prioritize the things that are most important. Your morning routine could include a good breakfast, making your bed, journaling, etc. Make it your own and something that will motivate you to hop out of bed when the alarm goes off!

2. Hydration Station At this point, we know drinking water isn't a new or ground-breaking suggestion. However, the countless benefits make it hard to not add it to the list. Drinking enough water daily is so important for both our physical and mental health, and it should be at the top of all our to-do lists. Having a fun water bottle or yummy drink mix-ins can help make this mundane task more doable! The results will keep you coming back for more H20.

3. Move your Body

Finding time to move your body every day is key to releasing serotonin and keeping energy levels up throughout the day. Even if you can't fit in an intense 60 minute workout each day, finding 5 minutes to dance around the kitchen can work wonders for our health. Once you experience the mood-boosting power of movement, you will be sure to add this into every day.

4. Set time for YOU

This sounds silly, but we've all had days where we crawl into bed at night and realize the entire day was spent putting other's needs above our own. Whether this is kids, a spouse, coworkers, or whatever other responsibility, time can slip away as we get caught up in the day-to-day tasks. Scheduling out even 5-10 minutes for yourself can be so beneficial and really give you the energy needed to keep going. These few minutes could be spent reading, meditating, taking a bath, or doing your favorite skincare routine. The important thing is that it is about you and what makes you feel good.

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