This or That - Find the Device to Match Your Lifestyle. Let's play!

This or That - Find the Device to Match Your Lifestyle

1. Are you frequently:

A: Working out or working up a sweat

B: Wearing a cloth face mask for extended periods of time

2. Do you frequent:

A: The local nail salon for pedicures

B: The downtown spa for facials

3. Do you deal with more breakouts on:

A: Your back and chest

B: Your face and jaw

4. Do you use more:

A: Spray tans & self tanner all over

B: Foundation, bronzer and blush

6. Are you more concerned by:

A: Ingrown hairs on your body due to shaving

B: Blackheads in your T-zone area

If you answered mostly A you need:

The PMD Clean Body is the ultimate body care device. With Antibacterial silicone bristles and three additional interchangeable attachments the PMD Clean body has a solution for everything! Use the silverscrub™ antibacterial loofah to lightly exfoliate your body to prevent ingrown hairs or prep for a spray tan. The polish™ aluminum oxide exfoliating disc is perfect for buffing away calluses between pedicures!

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If you answered mostly B you need:

Feel more confident in your skin, and enhance your natural complexion with the PMD Clean. Experience deeper daily cleansing with the PMD Clean's SonicGlow™ technology with over 7,000 vibrations per minute. Made with antibacterial silicone, the PMD Clean is clinically proven to more thoroughly remove makeup and decrease the appearance of blackheads.

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