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The PMD Clean Body For The "Beauty Lover"

California Style & Culture Magazine included the PMD Clean Body in their article "C's Guide To Everything The Beauty Lover is Lusting After". Daily body care with the PMD Clean Body is an absolute must have for any beauty lover. With SonicGlow™ Technology and 3 interchangeable attachments- the PMD Clean Body revolutionizes body care.

With 7,000 vibrations per minute, the PMD Clean Body breaks down daily dirt, debris, sweat, and buildup on the skin. This reduces breakouts caused by sweat, leaves skin softer and smoother, reduces the number of ingrown hairs, and provides a deep clean daily.

The PMD Clean Body's interchangeable attachments on the back of the device allow for complete customization of your daily body care routine! Gently exfoliate with the antibacterial silver infused silverscrub™ loofah, ease muscle aches with the relax body massager, or intensely exfoliate rough areas with the polish aluminum oxide exfoliator.

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