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The Personal Microderm Pro in Free People

“PMD Beauty, pioneer of bringing the Hollywood Starlet facial to the home of any woman who wants next-level skincare, places its #brilliantconfidence front and center…”

Free People sat down with PMD CEO, Sam Alexander, and National Sales & Training Manager, Adrienne Delaforce, to learn more about the brand that started the craze of at home microdermabrasion!

When asked how PMD came to the forefront of microdermabrasion at home, Sam excitedly explained PMD’s grassroots growth without having to take on funding. “We started giving Personal Microderms to mommy bloggers. The rest is history. We started to sell a lot of devices and haven’t looked back since.”

Free People asked what the benefits of the Personal Microderm are in comparison to spa treatments, which Adrienne happily explained: “With PMD’s Personal Microderm you can customize your treatment simply by what disc you use. This is a head-to-toe treatment for the price of one FACIAL. Spas and dermatologists typically only focus on the face whereas many women want to get rid of the dark spots and/or texture on their décolleté, hands, back of the arms, legs, etc”

As Adrienne eloquently said in the article, if you have any reservations about using the Personal Microderm, remember that it’s similar to a curling iron. “As long as you respect the device and use as directed, you will easily get brilliant results.”

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