Smiling girl sipping water from PMD Aqua RQ

The Hype About Hydration

You always hear the saying, “drink more water, your body will thank you!” The saying is true, hydration is SO important not only for your skin but for your body! 

If you don't get enough water, your skin can start to feel dry, flakey, and dull! Not only will water keep your skin moisturized from the inside out, it will also help you in the anti-aging process. Water is going to help in your skin’s plump appearance by maintaining collagen and elastin- holding wrinkles at bay! 

Another reason we love water: it will help your skin maintain its natural pH balance. 

Why is this important? When your skin’s pH is balanced it helps with regulating breakouts and blemishes and who doesn't want that?! 

Lets face it, drinking plain water can feel like a chore sometimes! 

Here are some ideas you can use to make drinking water more FUN! 

    1- Get a fancy water bottle!

PMD Beauty has the PMD Aqua Water Bottle and it is BEAUTIFUL!  It has genuine rose quartz crystals in it, is rose gold, and you get all the fancy accessories with it if you choose! Not to mention it’s BPA free and environmentally friendly which we love. 

    2- Mix things in! 

You can mix in fresh fruits such as strawberries, lemons, limes and cucumbers. Get creative and mix in melons, pineapple or fresh herbs such as ginger, fresh mint or cilantro for a fresh spin! 

    3- Spice up your ice! 

If you prefer not to mix in fresh fruit, put it in your ice tray and freeze it! Keep your drink cool and refreshing! 

    4- Flavor savers!

 We have all seen different sugar free flavor combinations, mix one of those in and try something new!

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