Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine featuring the PMD Personal Microderm

PMD in Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine

The #1 Magazine and Website for pregnant and new mothers. Your source for Pregnancy Calculators, Due Dates, Pregnancy Signs, Baby Names also features what new and expecting mothers use to keep up with their appearance. Their beauty section frequently features the latest in beauty products and tools and everything else that expecting mothers could need to feel beautiful. In their most recent issue, they featured the Personal Microderm.

“Safely exfoliate skin with this handheld microdermabrasion tool to reveal a clearer, even complexion.” Not only can the Personal Microderm be used to smooth and revive your face, it can make a beautiful difference on your body, in areas that may not have gotten a lot of care during pregnancy. Smooth any surface that feels bumpy, or un-even, even areas that have marks from excessive stretching during pregnancy. Get your pre-pregnancy body back with the Personal Microderm and check out PMD in Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine. 

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