The Beauty Product Diet: How Much Product You Really Need

How Much Skin Care Product You Actually Need

Forget dieting for the “perfect summer body”, it’s your beauty cabinet that could use a good diet! Before dolloping on that extra bit of $40 anti-aging eye cream, in hopes that it’ll work faster the more you lather on, read our list of beauty product serving sizes! Not only will you find out how much product you actually need, but you’ll find that it really doesn’t take that big of a slather to feel properly anti-aged. ;) Trust us, your wallet will thank you! Not to mention, we’ve got an extra little secret that will stretch the life of your go-to beauty products! By sticking to weekly PMD Personal Microderm treatments, those pricey “magic-in-a-bottle” beauty products will penetrate 20x deeper, making the age old adage of “less is more” 20x more valid!


Serving Size: A Hazelnut

Foam cleansers go far so a dollop the size of a hazelnut is all you need. Cream cleansers don’t stretch quite as far so upping the serving size slightly may be necessary.


Serving Size: An Almond

Too much moisturizer can leave your skin feeling greasy rather than properly moisturized. Rub an almond sized amount into your skin, and feel the benefits of properly proportioned moisturizer.


Serving Size: A Pea

Serums are highly concentrated products. That means you don’t need a large serving size to get the full benefits. Though a pea sized amount may seem small, it’s definitely plenty!


Serving Size: A Blueberry

Don’t waste precious product. Stick to a blueberry sized amount of night cream and let your body do the work while it’s in repair mode while you sleep.


Serving Size: One Grape Per Body Part

This is the one product we could all use more of! When it comes to sun protection, don’t go easy!


Serving Size: One Grain of Rice Per Eye

The under eye is an extremely sensitive area. Using too much product can cause irritation and puffiness -the exact opposite of what we’re going for when using eye cream. Use a serving about the size of a grain of rice per eye and gently dab it in with your ring finger.


Serving Size: A Pine Nut

Don’t waste the precious product in those tiny spot treatment bottles! Bathing a pimple in spot treatment won’t make it vanish faster, you’ll simply risk irritating and drying out the surrounding skin.


Serving Size: A Cherry Tomato

When over-applied, facial masks can drain your face of moisture. Use a serving the size of a cherry tomato for a full face mask and you’ll reap the benefits of your facial mask without any risk!

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