Habits To Make And Habits To Break

Habits to Make and Habits to Break

Daily SPF– They say defense is the BEST offense, and this rings true even with skincare! Protect your skin every day from harmful UV rays that cause damage, skin cancer, wrinkles, and dark spots. By preventing these problems, you’ll save hundreds on retroactive skin repairing treatments.

Avoid Squinting– We love a sunny day, but make sure to wear your sunglasses! Squinting causes premature wrinkles and crows feet. Avoid crows feet all while upping your outfit game with a stylish pair of frames.

Weekly Microdermabrasion-We may be biased, but doing a weekly microdermabrasion treatment with the Personal Microderm can drastically impact your skin! By removing the top layer of dead, dull skin and triggering the cell turnover process you’ll see a decrease in the appearance of: dark spots, enlarged pores, blemishes, uneven skin tone and texture, and fine lines and wrinkles.

An added benefit? After a Personal Microderm treatment your skincare products can penetrate up to 20x deeper and be more effective!

Tech Neck– Endless Instagram scrolling and email checking is causing lines in our necks. Since we aren’t likely to drop our phone habits any time soon, it’s easy to pick up the Personal Microderm and do a microdermabrasion treatment on your neck once a week! Have you checked out our body discs? They’re perfect for larger and less sensitive areas.

Don’t ignore your décolleté– Yes, chest wrinkles are a thing and you can combat them with the Personal Microderm. Our chests are prone to wrinkles because they’re often forgotten when we are applying skincare, and they get burned in the beautiful summer months spent in bathing suits. Use the Personal Microderm once a week to minimize the appearance of these fine lines and wrinkles.

Pillowcase Hygiene- Take care of the place you put your head down every night! Wash your pillowcases every week. This protects your skin from bacteria and oils left behind by your

Pro tip: Use a silk pillowcase, they’re gentle on both your skin and hair!

Stop sleeping in your makeup– While we’re talking about that precious beauty sleep, here’s your reminder to take your makeup off before bed! Not only do you want to avoid getting the day’s bacteria on your pillow, but it’s important to cleanse and nourish the skin at night. Plus, you don’t want to clog your pores with heavy foundation while you sleep.

Beauty Sleep– Yes, it’s true! Getting a good night’s sleep can drastically impact your skin. The body goes into repair mode at night, bringing forth blood flow and increasing collagen while we catch those precious zzz’s. Get 7-9 hours of shut eye per night and let your body get to work on wrinkle repair!

Wash your hands-You come in contact with millions of bacteria every day between subways, uber, the gym, and shopping carts. Then we touch our face, spreading the bacteria and just asking for breakouts! Wash your hands throughout the day so that when you do touch your face, you can stress less!

Wipe down your phone DAILY– (or even more than once a day) to save your skin from bacteria it gathers throughout the day. We’re all constantly on our phones-whether it’s texting, online shopping, or reading this blog… But between touching doors, shaking hands, and filling your gas tank- you come in contact with bacteria that is harmful to your skin and can cause pesky breakouts. Take 30 seconds and wipe down your phone with a disinfectant and save yourself from an impending blemish .

Makeup Brush Upkeep– Wash your makeup brushes weekly! Not only will this prevent the spreading of bacteria, but it’ll help your makeup application appear smoother and less streaky.

Cleanse your skin– Give your skin a DEEP clean 1-2 times daily with the PMD Clean. The PMD Clean uses SonicGlow Technology that vibrates at 7,000 times per minute which deeply breaks down dirt and debris from within your pores. How you cleanse your skin is important, but so is what you’re cleansing it with! That’s why we suggest the Soothing Antioxidant Cleanser that we’ve packed with key ingredients such as hydrapeptides, papain, gentle surfactants, and neroli oil. Together these ingredients will remove the skin’s impurities, soothe the skin, and reduce the appearance of redness, irritation and inflammation!

Don’t Pick-Yes we know pimple popping and messing with your pores can be oddly satisfying, but it is SO bad for your skin! Not only does it cause redness, irritation, and possible hyper-pigermentation, but picking your blemishes also allows bacteria to get deep into the pores.

Stay Moisturized– Hydrated skin is happy skin! Keeping your skin moisturized reduces the risk of blemishes and wrinkles. Nourish your skin twice a day with our Anti-Aging Recovery Moisturizer that is designed to increase vital hydration, even out skin tone skin and texture while reducing the appearance of dark spots.

Pro Tip: Use the back of the PMD Clean Pro RQ’s ActiveWarmth Technology to enable deeper absorption of your favorite moisturizer.

Drink Some Aqua– Our bodies are primarily made of water and all of our cells require it for proper function. So getting those 8 glasses a day is the KEY to keeping your body hydrated and your skin glowing!

Pro Tip: Avoid straws– even the stainless steel kind! Save the turtles and avoid lip wrinkles at the same time.

Bonus Tip: If you’re already seeing signs of lip wrinkles, use the PMD Kiss to fade them. The increase in blood flow daily will stimulate collagen production- minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.

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