Discs FAQ

What color disc should I start with?

We always recommend everyone begins with the white disc. If your skin responds well, that is a good indication that you can move onto the gray disc the following week.

What do the different disc color’s mean?

Disc color refers to intensity or abrasiveness. Everyone’s skin is different. Some sensitive skin types may never need to increase their exfoliation level by moving to a different disc. Others will need to change to a higher disc level to see more significant results.

How often should you change your disc?

In order to get the maximum exfoliation from each treatment, replace your disc every 3-4 uses. The size of the area being treated, and the length of each treatment ultimately determine how long a disc can be used.

Is the Personal Microderm only meant for the face?

No, the Personal Microderm delivers the same results on your neck, chest, arms, legs, hands, and feet. The large body discs easily cover a greater surface area to more quickly treat the body. Pro Tip: Do a treatment before getting a spray tan for enhanced results!

Why are the discs made of aluminum oxide?

Aluminum oxide is a naturally occurring element that is extremely hard, second only to diamond. Embedded aluminum Oxide crystals are non-airborne, hypoallergenic and antibacterial which helps prevent any adverse reactions and reduce spreading of bacteria which may cause irritations.

Are the body and face discs made of the same material?

Yes! The body and face discs are made of the same material, only the body discs are larger so that they can cover a bigger surface area.