PMD Clean - For Men

Black with Gunmetal Finish


PMD Clean - For Men

Color: Black with Gunmetal Finish


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Deep daily cleansing

Minimize the appearance of blackheads

Minimize the appearance of enlarged pores

Reduce oil congestion

Lift, firm & tone the skin

Best Features

  • Breaks down dirt and oil from within the pores at 7,000 vibrations per minute while operating at a perfect frequency to lift, firm, and tone the skin.

  • Using ultra-hygienic silicone, PMD Clean Pro Jade is odor-resistant, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and waterproof. Our hassle-free brush head never needs replacing.

  • A powerful cleansing device with bristles gentle enough for all skin types. With four customizable modes, PMD Clean provides a full spectrum of cleansing options.

Cleansing vs. Anti-aging


Mode 1 | Gentle Vibration

Mode 2 | Intense Vibration


Mode 3 | Gentle Pulsation

Mode 4 | Intense Pulsation

Tips & Tricks

Optimized Bristle Pattern

Large bristles at the tip of the brush head are intended for deep, targeted cleansing in areas prone to build-up like around your nose and chin. The smaller bristles are perfect for gentle but effective all-over cleaning.

Instant Turnoff

Instead of clicking through all four modes to turn off your PMD Clean, try holding down the button for three seconds to power down.