“Verdict: Totally Worth Buying!”- Beyond Fashion Magazine

Hey Beauties!

The PMD KISS has recently been featured in a variety of magazines such as The Sunday Express and Beyond Fashion Magazine as one of the best new beauty gadgets to help you achieve those fuller and sexy lips!

“If the results of your plumping gloss leave you feeling deflated, check out PMD Kiss Lip Plumping System, the device giving fillers a run for its money when it comes to looking good on nights out”-The Sunday Express

The PMD KISS in The Sunday Express

Beyond Fashion Magazine featured the PMD KISS not only as a way to get sexy, full lips… but as a smart anti-aging lip plumping treatment! We are thrilled to see magazines utilizing the multiple uses of the PMD KISS, because maintaining youthful lips longer is a great way to help both women and men maintain their brilliant confidence as they age!

“If you’ve never done anything to your lips (no injections), then these results will definitely be satisfying…But overall, PMD Kiss is definitely one of the most effective and useful beauty must-have gadgets on the market.”-Beyond Fashion Magazine


The verdict from Beyond Fashion Magazine?!

“Totally Worth Buying!”


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