Beauty the Magazine Features the PMD Personal Microderm

It was crazy.  I turned 30 and my skin decided to “freak out.”  I looked like I was 16 again with acne I couldn’t control.  The PMD Personal Microderm was a little intimidating at first because I was afraid of hurting my skin.  But like Beauty magazine says, “PMD Pro is surprisingly small with variable speeds and treatment levels, the multiple sized discs provide the coarseness and area of treatment so you’re comfortable with your own personal progression with the device.”  I used the white training disc at first until I got comfortable.  I tell people it’s like shaving your legs for the first time.  It’s kinda awkward at first but after 1 or 2 treatments it is really easy and not scary at all.  Then, I moved to the blue disc, the green and now I am even using the red.  I love and use PMD’s skin care products in addition to the Personal Microderm.  The moisturizer is my favorite because it really calm’s my skin after I complete an intense treatment.  It’s amazing what the PMD Personal Microderm has done for my acne.  I finally feel it is under control and I no longer have to wear gobs of concealer anymore.  So happy I discovered the PMD Personal Microderm.

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