Skin Care Benefits of Hydration

It’s no secret that proper hydration aids in detoxifying and tightening skin -and when combined with a weekly PMD Personal Microdermabrasion treatment you’ll have a flawlessly radiant glow 24/7! Not to mention the added benefits of feeling fuller, revving up your metabolism, staying energized, and reduced stress levels! With bonuses like that, who wouldn’t want to stay hydrated? Let’s be honest, though, getting in those 8 glasses a day can be tough. With these 15 delicious ways to eat your water you’ll stay hydrated no problem and be one bite closer to staying forever young! Don’t forget that these fruits & veggies, must be eaten raw to maintain their full water content.

To take your hydration one step farther, and increase that firm plumpness we all crave for our skin, moisturize with our Professional Recovery Moisturizer first thing in the morning and right before bed! Our special moisturizer locks in moisture -a.k.a locks in all that yummy hydration you just ate-, promotes elasticity and firmness, increases collagen production, and decreases wrinkle volume! Win, win? We think so!

Sources: University of Kentucky, SkinnyMsWebMD


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