10 Commandments for Summer Skin

The temperature is rising, the nights are getting longer, and ready-or-not Summer has O-fficially begun! With our list of “10 Commandments for Summer Skin” you’ll have that all over flawless glow faster than you can say “shaved ice”!

  1. GET A SUNLESS TAN– Nothing screams “Summer glow” like a cinnamon tan -the safe way! We recommend Clarin’s self tanning tint -the ultimate tan in a bottle, or Kate Somerville’s tanning towelettes -for the everyday girl on-the-go! Want to know the ultimate secret in getting your sunless tan on completely streak free? PMD! Gliding over your body with our black body disc and any of our PMD devices will help your skin absorb that tan evenly and 20x deeper!
  2. USE SUNSCREEN– With skin cancer on the rise, making sure you’re keeping your skin protected is vital! By lathering up, you’ll be keeping your skin safe from burning and developing unwanted fine-lines!
  3. EASE UP ON FOUNDATION– Sounds scary right? But your skin will thank you for giving it a break from your daily foundation routine and giving your pores some time to really breath! Not to mention, nothing makes the make-up free look easier to do than tan summer skin! Still not brave enough to try the sans make-up look? Not to worry, that’s where PMD comes in! With a weekly PMD treatment your skin will be brighter, smoother, have a more even skin tone and texture, and reduced fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, and enlarged pores! Summer glow in a simple 5 minute PMD treatment? Yes please!
  4. USE A TONER– There’s nothing worse than blotchy red skin! We all know there’s no place for a Rudolph nose on the beach! There’s no better way to combat those summer-time red blotches than with a toner! Try our specially formulated toner today to keep your skin feeling fresh and looking perfectly even!
  5. WEAR A HAT– Sounds crazy simple, right? Wearing a hat will not only keep your scalp from burning up in the hot summer sun but it’ll also keep your complexion safe from those rays!
  6. PUT ON SPF LIP BALM– Don’t overlook your lips when it comes to sun safety! Keep those lips safe from skin cancer with Sun Bum’s SPF packed lip balm and enjoy the yummy taste of banana as an added bonus!
  7. TAKE A COLD SHOWER– There’s nothing more refreshing than a cool shower after some time in the sun! Not to mention, a cool shower after a sweat session in the sun will help decrease acne breakouts!
  8. STAY HYDRATED– Keeping hydrated during sun exposure seems like a no brainer, right? Did you know that, in addition to keeping sun sickness at bay, staying hydrated is teaming with MAJOR bonuses like a faster metabolism and reduction of fine-lines? Check out these 15 ways to EAT your water if you struggle with drinking your 8 glasses a day!
  9. USE A FACE MIST– Keep a face mist like Ole Henriksen’s African Red Tea Face Mist in your beach bag all Summer and not only will you cool down but you’ll strengthen your skin’s outer layer!
  10. WEAR A SLEEP MASK– Summer skin prep doesn’t stop when you’re sleeping. By wearing a sleep mask like Erno Laszlo’s hydra therapy sleep mask to bed you will keep the hydration going all night long!


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